Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Issues & Views

I found a website named Issues & Views This site is mainly commentaries from a black conservative perspective and encourages blacks to be self-sufficient. Many things they say you and I may agree with. They even point out the "hype against southern Confederate symbols"

Maybe Al Sharpton should of read this article before protesting a name of a park. We have more problems to worry about in this country, like loss of our liberty.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Do you know what a Republic is?

Here is an article by Scott T. Whiteman, Esq. that I read back in April. It is entitled What is a Republic Anyway? In school we are not taught what a republic is and that our government is a republic and not a democracy. Since our children are not taught what a republic is, this is one of the main reasons our country is headed to total tyranny.

Posting regularly now

It's been a few months since I last posted. My house renovations are about complete, just in time for our housewarming next weekend. Only touch up paint and caulking of the molding is needed. I hope with this weblog others will understand the tyranny that is coming upon us which all started with Lincoln and the Republican party.

My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones in the London bombings. I communicate with many Brits on a daily basis and I hope that this will not deter them from living life without fear.

I also hope these bombings will not be an excuse for those here in the U.S. to erode even more of our rights, especially our right to travel freely.

I will now be posting on a regular basis and I hope you continue to enjoy the commentaries by a Black Confederate.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Southerners please stand up and not be ashamed

Lee Shelton recently wrote on his States Rights Review blog about how the true history of the war is hidden by the revisionists and how Southerners need to stand up for their heritage and not be ashamed. I agree with him. I am a Northerner and I have always lived in the North. More Southerners, white and black, need to speak up for their Southern heritage and stop worrying about someone calling them a racist or Uncle Tom. People must hear the truth whether they like it or not. Our country must remember the Southern Cause because our country is leading to tyranny.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The RealID Act - Only destroys the Rights of the People and the States

The RealID Act (HR-418), sponsored by the Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin, passed the House of Representatives. This bill is totally unconstititional. I pray that the Senate will not allow this bill to pass. Even the President supports this freedom destroying bill. Abraham Lincoln would be proud of this bill and the Republican party (which really has never stood for limited government). Congressman Sensenbrenner says:
The goal of the Real ID Act is straightforward: it seeks to prevent another 9/11-type attack by disrupting terrorist travel.

Congressman Sensenbrenner this bill will not prevent another 9/11-type attack and if this bill was the law when the attack occurred it still would not have stopped it.

I'm an immigration paralegal and I help foreign nationals obtain work permits and visas all the time and the new asylum requirements and drivers license requirements in this bill does not do anything but destroy the rights of the states and of U.S. citizens. Except for the new asylum requirements this bill only truly affects U.S. citizens. It gives the federal government more control of the states and the people. I thought this was the land of the free.

Title II, Section 202 of the bill deals with the Minimum Document Requirements and Issuance Standards for Federal Recognition. This section prohibits federal agencies from accepting for any official purpose a state issued identification card or driver's license that does not meet numerous minimum document requirements and issuance standards, including verification of immigration status.

Below is an analysis of Section 202 from the American Immigration Lawyers Association:

Preventing immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses undermines national security by pushing people into the shadows and fueling the black market for fraudulent identification documents. Moreover, it undermines the law enforcement utility of Department of Motor Vehicle databases by limiting rather than expanding the data on individuals residing in a particular state. Perhaps more to the point, it is clear from the 9/11 and Terrorist Travel staff report that the proposed restrictions would not have prevented a single hijacker from obtaining a driver's license or boarding a plane.

The staff report correctly points out that some of the hijackers were mistakenly issued valid visas or lawfully admitted to the U.S. The rest were here legally. All therefore had the immigration documents necessary to prove legal immigration status and that status would have been verified by federal authorities if checked. Indeed, five of the terrorists fraudulently obtained their licenses by falsely claiming state residency, which is different from legal residency for immigration purposes. States have since tightened requirements for proof of state residency to correct this deficiency in their laws. The terrorists did not need U.S.-issued driver's licenses to board the planes on September 11; they had foreign passports that allowed them to board airplanes. Use of foreign passports to board airplanes would still be permitted under this provision.

This bill causes the reverse effect than what Congressman Sensenbrenner and others say it does. Our country will not be any more secured and terrorists can still board a plane. All they need is a valid visa and a passport issued by their home country. THEY DO NOT NEED A DRIVER'S LICENSE!!

Lincoln would be proud of how the Republican Party is centralizing the government through people's emotion and deceit.

We must restore our republic before it is too late.

To read the text of the bill go here

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union

I was kind of listening to the President's State of the Union. Everything that he has been proposing are totally unconstitutional. He speaks about freedom and liberty but there is none here. When will people wake up. Our government is heading toward tyranny. The South understood the direction the government was headed when Lincoln and the Republican party were elected. This same Republican party has led us even further towards total tyranny and the people seem blind to this or constantly make excuses for the President and the Republican party's actions. They rather give up their freedom for false security. As a Christian, I do not want security. Ever since I was saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ I have been prepared to die. Nothing else is needed.
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

I pray that our republic will be restored. Our country is going down the wrong path and something has to give. We will either be living in tyranny or liberty. Let's hope liberty will ring.

House Remodeling

We have been remodeling our house so that is why I haven't been able to post as often as I would like. The drywall work and repair is almost finish. Still have to replace some more outlets and switches. Then we will finally be able to install our hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets and I may be able to get a good homecook meal made by my beautiful wife.

Black History Month

Hello all. February is Black History Month. As many know, Black Confederates are rarely honored or even recognized for their part in the Confederate Army. I remind all that blacks did participate and fight for the Confederacy. Many of you may be familiar with the below contributions of Blacks for the Confederacy. I list them here again for our remembrance. This list was taken from the Scott Williams article On Black Confederates:

1. The "Richmond Howitzers" were partially manned by black militiamen. They saw action at 1st Manassas (or 1st Battle of Bull Run) where they operated battery no. 2. In addition two black "regiments", one free and one slave, participated in the battle on behalf of the South. "Many colored people were killed in the action", recorded John Parker, a former slave.

2. At least one Black Confederate was a non-commissioned officer. James Washington, Co. D 35th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army, became it's 3rd Sergeant. Higher ranking black commissioned officers served in militia units, but this was on the State militia level (Louisiana)and not in the regular C.S. Army.

3. Free black musicians, cooks, soldiers and teamsters earned the same pay as white confederate privates. This was not the case in the Union army where blacks did not receive equal pay. At the Confederate Buffalo Forge in Rockbridge County, Virginia, skilled black workers "earned on average three times the wages of white Confederate soldiers and more than most Confederate army officers ($350- $600 a year).

4. Dr. Lewis Steiner, Chief Inspector of the United States Sanitary Commission while observing Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson's occupation of Frederick, Maryland, in 1862: "Over 3,000 Negroes must be included in this number [Confederate troops]. These were clad in all kinds of uniforms, not only in cast-off or captured United States uniforms, but in coats with Southern buttons, State buttons, etc. These were shabby, but not shabbier or seedier than those worn by white men in the rebel ranks. Most of the Negroes had arms, rifles, muskets, sabers, bowie-knives, dirks, etc.....and were manifestly an integral portion of the Southern Confederate Army."

5. Frederick Douglas reported, "There are at the present moment many Colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty not only as cooks, servants and laborers, but real soldiers, having musket on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down any loyal troops and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government and build up that of the rebels."

6. Black and white militiamen returned heavy fire on Union troops at the Battle of Griswoldsville (near Macon, GA). Approximately 600 boys and elderly men were killed in this skirmish.

7. In 1864, President Jefferson Davis approved a plan that proposed the emancipation of slaves, in return for the official recognition of the Confederacy by Britain and France. France showed interest but Britain refused.

8. The Jackson Battalion included two companies of black soldiers. They saw combat at Petersburg under Col. Shipp. "My men acted with utmost promptness and goodwill...Allow me to state sir that they behaved in an extraordinary acceptable manner."

9. Recently the National Park Service, with a recent discovery, recognized that blacks were asked to help defend the city of Petersburg, Virginia and were offered their freedom if they did so. Regardless of their official classification, black Americans performed support functions that in today's army many would be classified as official military service. The successes of white Confederate troops in battle, could only have been achieved with the support these loyal black Southerners.

10. Confederate General John B. Gordon (Army of Northern Virginia) reported that all of his troops were in favor of Colored troops and that it's adoption would have "greatly encouraged the army". Gen. Lee was anxious to receive regiments of black soldiers. The Richmond Sentinel reported on 24 Mar 1864, "None will deny that our servants are more worthy of respect than the motley hordes which come against us." "Bad faith [to black Confederates] must be avoided as an indelible dishonor."

11. In March 1865, Judah P. Benjamin, Confederate Secretary Of State, promised freedom for blacks who served from the State of Virginia. Authority for this was finally received from the State of Virginia and on April 1st 1865, $100 bounties were offered to black soldiers. Benjamin exclaimed, "Let us say to every Negro who wants to go into the ranks, go and fight, and you are free Fight for your masters and you shall have your freedom." Confederate Officers were ordered to treat them humanely and protect them from "injustice and oppression".

12. A quota was set for 300,000 black soldiers for the Confederate States Colored Troops. 83% of Richmond's male slave population volunteered for duty. A special ball was held in Richmond to raise money for uniforms for these men. Before Richmond fell, black Confederates in gray uniforms drilled in the streets. Due to the war ending, it is believed only companies or squads of these troops ever saw any action. Many more black soldiers fought for the North, but that difference was simply a difference because the North instituted this progressive policy more sooner than the more conservative South. Black soldiers from both sides received discrimination from whites who opposed the concept .

13. Union General U.S. Grant in Feb 1865, ordered the capture of "all the Negro men before the enemy can put them in their ranks." Frederick Douglass warned Lincoln that unless slaves were guaranteed freedom (those in Union controlled areas were still slaves) and land bounties, "they would take up arms for the rebels".

14. On April 4, 1865 (Amelia County, VA), a Confederate supply train was exclusively manned and guarded by black Infantry. When attacked by Federal Cavalry, they stood their ground and fought off the charge, but on the second charge they were overwhelmed. These soldiers are believed to be from "Major Turner's" Confederate command.

15. A Black Confederate, George _____, when captured by Federals was bribed to desert to the other side. He defiantly spoke, "Sir, you want me to desert, and I ain't no deserter. Down South, deserters disgrace their families and I am never going to do that."

16. Former slave, Horace King, accumulated great wealth as a contractor to the Confederate Navy. He was also an expert engineer and became known as the "Bridge builder of the Confederacy." One of his bridges was burned in a Yankee raid. His home was pillaged by Union troops, as his wife pleaded for mercy.

17. As of Feb. 1865 1,150 black seamen served in the Confederate Navy. One of these was among the last Confederates to surrender, aboard the CSS Shenandoah, six months after the war ended. This surrender took place in England.

18. Nearly 180,000 Black Southerners, from Virginia alone, provided logistical support for the Confederate military. Many were highly skilled workers. These included a wide range of jobs: nurses, military engineers, teamsters, ordnance department workers, brakemen, firemen, harness makers, blacksmiths, wagonmakers, boatmen, mechanics, wheelwrights, etc. In the 1920'S Confederate pensions were finally allowed to some of those workers that were still living. Many thousands more served in other Confederate States.

19. During the early 1900's, many members of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) advocated awarding former slaves rural acreage and a home. There was hope that justice could be given those slaves that were once promised "forty acres and a mule" but never received any. In the 1913 Confederate Veteran magazine published by the UCV, it was printed that this plan "If not Democratic, it is [the] Confederate" thing to do. There was much gratitude toward former slaves, which "thousands were loyal, to the last degree", now living with total poverty of the big cities. Unfortunately, their proposal fell on deaf ears on Capitol Hill.

20. During the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1913, arrangements were made for a joint reunion of Union and Confederate veterans. The commission in charge of the event made sure they had enough accommodations for the black Union veterans, but were completely surprised when unexpected black Confederates arrived. The white Confederates immediately welcomed their old comrades, gave them one of their tents, and "saw to their every need". Nearly every Confederate reunion including those blacks that served with them, wearing the gray.

21. The first military monument in the US Capitol that honors an African-American soldier is the Confederate monument at Arlington National cemetery. The monument was designed 1914 by Moses Ezekiel, a Jewish Confederate. Who wanted to correctly portray the "racial makeup" in the Confederate Army. A black Confederate soldier is depicted marching in step with white Confederate soldiers. Also shown is one "white soldier giving his child to a black woman for protection".- source: Edward Smith, African American professor at the American University, Washington DC.

22. Black Confederate heritage is beginning to receive the attention it deserves. For instance, Terri Williams, a black journalist for the Suffolk "Virginia Pilot" newspaper, writes: "I've had to re-examine my feelings toward the [Confederate] flag started when I read a newspaper article about an elderly black man whose ancestor worked with the Confederate forces. The man spoke with pride about his family member's contribution to the cause, was photographed with the [Confederate] flag draped over his lap that's why I now have no definite stand on just what the flag symbolizes, because it no longer is their history, or my history, but our history."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Southern Side of the Civil War by Mike Griffith

Please check out the following excellent article by Mike Griffith, The Southern Side of the Civil War-Facts Your History Teacher May Not Have Mentioned About the War Between The States. His article was also linked by Dave Black.

Mike Griffith does a great job in explaining the real, rarely told truths about why the South seceded. He even answers one of my questions on what would the South be like if they won the war. Here's an excerpt:

What would the South be like today if the Confederacy had survived? No one can say with certainty, but it’s likely that taxes of all kinds would be much lower. Citizens would have much less government interference in their lives. Parents would have more control over their children’s education and over their local schools. Southern schools would most likely allow voluntary prayer, moral instruction, nativity plays at Christmas time, and formal Bible reading (as our schools used to do until the 1960s when the Supreme Court suddenly decided these things were somehow “unconstitutional”). There would be tough anti-pornography laws. The lives of unborn children would be protected by law. There would be no question that marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman. And a state government could place a Ten Commandments monument in front of a state judicial building without having to worry about a federal judge wrongfully ordering its removal.

I agree with him that many of the unconstitutional actions taken by our government would not be happening if the Confederates won. I also agree with Mr. Griffith that "it is time for the demonization and smearing of the Confederacy to stop."

That is exactly why I started this blog.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Friend to the Slaves?

As I said before, the book by Thomas DiLorenzo has been a real eye-opener. Here are some quotes from Chapter 2, Lincoln's Opposition to Racial Equality, that caught my eye.

1) Lincoln denounced the abolitionists as zealots who (Lincoln being quoted here from a eulogy to Henry Clay in 1852) "would shiver into fragments the Union of these States; tear to tatters its now venerated constitution, and even burn the last copy of the Bible, rather than slavery should continue a single hour."

2) "In twenty-three years of litigation he never defended a runaway slave, but he did defend a slaveowner."

3)In his First Inaugural Address he announced that "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so."

4) "It is conceivable that many white supremacists in the North (which included most of the population) nevertheless abhorred the institution of slavery. However, given the attitudes of most Northerners toward blacks, it is doubtful that their abhorrence of slavery was sufficient motivation for hundreds of thousands of them to give their lives on bloody battlefields, as they did, during the war. It is one thing to proclaim one's disdain for slavery; it is quite another to die for it."

Lincoln did not care about the Negro slaves. He did not care if slavery continued to exist in the South. He even thought of blacks as inferior and that we needed to be returned to Africa or to some place other than America. The only time he objected to slavery is when new territories were being settled. The reason why, so slaves would not be counted for representation in Congress, swaying power towards the South. Here is another quote:

The extension of slavery into the new territories would exacerbate this congressional imbalance in favor of the Democratic Party, which is why Lincoln led the Republican Party's opposition to it-it was opposition to slavery, but not on moral grounds.
The more I learn about Lincoln the more I have come to realize that Lincoln only wanted power and to centralize the government. He did not care that the South enslaved my people and he did not invade the South to free them. He was no friend to the slave. He only wanted power!

More to come about Lincoln.
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